Learning survival skills

May 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Galit Lahav has a new article in Molecular Cell: “How to survive and thrive in the Mother-Mentor Marathon”.  Molecular Cell has recently published several articles on topics that aren’t often covered in the literature.  Galit has some great tips on time management, delegation, and generally staying sane when there is far too much to do.

In the same series, also check out Ron Milo and Maya Schuldiner on “The Power of Peer Support“.  They describe a faculty mentoring program at the Weizmann Institute that started with a two-day workshop on lab management for junior faculty.  The faculty who attended found it so useful that they  followed up with group discussions every two weeks, which are still going on over 18 months later (as detailed on their website).  We’ve copied this model locally, in an effort organized by Galit: hfp consulting, the group who led the Weizmann workshop, came to Boston last July and ran two 2-day workshops, one for junior faculty from MIT and the other for Harvard.   They cover topics such as conflict resolution, setting goals and priorities, negotiation skills, and other key management issues, all from the perspective of the academic scientist.

We’ve had a ton of positive feedback from the faculty involved, and, like the Weizmann faculty, the participants have continued to meet regularly to discuss the skills they have learned and the uses they’ve put them to.   Anything that reduces the stress of the transition from post-doc to faculty has to be worth a try.

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