Why we need more bike racks

August 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

Spotted this morning on the Quad (between Gordon Hall and LHRRB): a portion of Brookline’s flock of wild turkeys.  They’re a common sight on Washington St between Brookline Village and Washington Square, but I’ve never seen them make it this far before.  They were getting quite possessive about the bike racks.

According to the Globe, turkeys had been eliminated from Massachusetts by 1851.  Then in the 1970’s turkeys were re-introduced into the Berkshires, and did well; in the 80’s and 90’s Berkshire turkeys were deliberately spread to other areas of the state.  Now the population has grown large enough that the state encourages hunting:  over 3,000 wild turkeys were shot by hunters in Massachusetts last year. None in Suffolk county — where we are — presumably because someone feels that shooting turkeys in a built-up area is to be avoided.  Good call.

Oh, by the way — these are not tame birds. Don’t feed them.  And they’ve been known to attack people, though my guess is that this is rare.

§ 2 Responses to Why we need more bike racks

  • Angela Reese says:

    Oh those pesky turkeys! Last fall they terrorized my walks to/from work by Simmons, along 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur & Brookline Avenue. They have no fear about trying to cross the road and shoot you dirty looks as you come near them. The best was when they were trying to “help” the Canadian geese across the road. angela's terrorist turkeys

  • Rebecca Schlowsky says:

    They’re everywhere! A few weeks ago, I was walking to work when I saw *five* turkeys on the main HMS quad just pecking around under one of the trees and hunting up grubs. It’s amazing to think that something so wild can live in such a bustling area of the city.
    turkeys outside hms from rebecca

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