Guest Post: Welcome, SB class of 2010!

September 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sam Reed writes: This year’s Systems Biology graduate students are here and getting settled in.  If you run into them, please give them a warm welcome!

Here are some brief bios:

Maier Amado Avendano
Maier is from Columbia where he majored in Microbiology and Biological Sciences.   He has spent time in Boston before, working with Alexander van Oudenaarden and our own Juan Pedraza at MIT.  His previous work is in the area of Systems Biology studying transcriptional tuning in networks of negative and positive feedback loops in budding yeast. He enjoys tennis and soccer.

Anna Chen
Anna is a Harvard graduate whom you may recognize from her time in the Silver lab.  She worked on  carboxysome imaging and chemistry in cyanobacteria for her senior thesis.  She has also studied the classification of certain traditional chinese drugs using disease-drug networks.

Ylaine Gerardin
Ylaine is an MIT electrical engineering and biology double major.  She has worked on a diverse set of biological research projects from microtechnology to genome sequencing.  She is interested in the application of engineering abstractions to biological systems.

Thomas Graham
Thomas is a graduate of the University of Chicago.  He studied Chemistry and Biology and investigated the multimerization of a key developmental transcription factor in Drosophila using a number of theoretical and experimental methods.  He is interested in using quantitative approaches to dissect cellular functions.

Bo Hua
Bo is from Peking and is a physicist with a strong interest in modeling biological processes.  He is interested in many aspects of quantitative modeling in biological systems.  He has already explored many aspects of noise and bistability and applied his skills to the G1/s transition in the eukaryotic cell cycle.

Keiskuke Ishihara
Keisuke is a Princeton graduate (Chemical Engineering).  He is interested in an integrated approach to life science research that encompasses theoretical and experimental work.  He has investigated developmental signaling pathways in Drosophila at Princeton.

Hallie Kuhn
Hallie is a graduate of Harvey Mudd College (Biology) and Cambridge, UK. She has worked on Ca++ channels in Tetrahymena and their role in directing motility.  She has also studied genomic instability after viral infection using a number of experimental and computational genomic methods.  She’s also interested in developmental pathways.

Nicholas Leiby
Nicholas is an MIT graduate in biology.  He is interested in genomics research from both experimental and computational viewpoints.  He has studied the role of cell cycle stage in the response to DNA damage.  He has also worked at the interface of government and science for the United Nations.  He has a strong interest in teaching and communicating science.

Jue Wang
Jue is a graduate of Harvard who may be familiar to you because of his time in the Kishony lab.  He carried out his senior thesis there studying the microbial ecology of difficult to grow soil bacteria.  He has spent his time since graduation working at Science magazine and is interested in quantitative biology and the communication of science.

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