Pizza Lunch is here again…

September 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Current schedule below (it starts tomorrow!). If you have a story nearly ready to tell, talk to Angela and she’ll get you on the list.

SB Tuesday Pizza Talks
12:30pm – Warren Alpert 563

09/21/2010 – Greg Thurber (Weissleder Lab)
“Can We Predict Drug Distribution in Tumors?
Applications of Mechanism-Based Modeling”

10/05/2010 – Kalin Vetsigian (Kishony Lab)
“Microbial Interaction Networks in Soil and in Silico”

10/19/2010 – Ran Kafri (Kirschner/Lahav Labs)
“Dynamics and Negative Feedbacks in the Regulation of Protein Mass Production – A Demonstration of Ergodic Rate Analysis (ERA)”

11/02/2010 – Daniel Ducat (Silver Lab)
“Rewiring Bacterial Redox Circuits”

11/16/2010 – Jason Locosale (Cantley Lab)
“Rewiring of Metabolism in Cancer”

11/30/2010 – Robert Freeman (Kirschner Lab)
“Digging up(!) downstream determinants of dorsoventral
axis specification in the Acorn worm (S. kowalevskii)”

12/14/2010 – Nicholas Stroustrup (Fontana Lab)
“Variability in Wildtype C. elegans Lifespan”

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