Post-doctoral position, New York City

December 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Phillip Niethammer from the Mitchison lab will be setting up his own lab at the Sloan Kettering Institute this January.  I’ve written (briefly) about Phillip’s super-cool work in zebrafish here.   The overall goal of his lab is to perform a systems level analysis of the wound response using in-vital imaging and genomic techniques in zebrafish.  Here’s what he says about what he’s looking for:

My lab is interested in the question of how wounds are detected in animal tissues. I am looking for postdocs who are curious to explore the spatiotemporal mechanisms of homeostatic/inflammatory tissue signaling in zebrafish. Candidates should have an excellent track record in common molecular and microscopic techniques. They should be self-motivated, interactive and enjoy interdisciplinary thinking. Researchers with biological, biophysical, chemical, or medical backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

The lab is part of the Cell Biology Program of the Sloan Kettering Institute (New York City, USA). Rockefeller University and Cornell Medical School, across the street, provide rich opportunities for additional scientific interaction.  Application documents should include a CV, publication list, short description of research experience/interests, and reference letters from previous advisors.

For further inquiries, visit my web-page or e-mail me:

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