Your Systems Biology conference schedule for 2011

December 8, 2010 § 6 Comments

*****Update: The information below is now outdated: please see this post instead.*****

I’ve been updating the Conferences section of the Links list, and thought you might want to see a summary of your opportunities for conference-hopping next year.  There are many many more conferences with “systems biology” in the title, so this is just a personal selection.  Let me know if I’ve missed something important (especially if it’s in April, where I have an unsightly gap).

Jan 23-28: The Evolution of Protein Phosphorylation (Keystone Symposia)

Feb 27-Mar 2:   Systems Biology – Confronting the Complexity of Cancer (AACR)

March 22-26:  Systems Biology: Networks (Cold Spring Harbor Labs)

March 29-April 1: Computational Cell Biology (Cold Spring Harbor Labs)

May 8-13: Omics meets Cell Biology (Keystone Symposia)

June 15-19: Fifth International Conference on Synthetic Biology (Stanford — this link is to a mailing list where you can sign up for more information)

June 22-24: Systems Biology of Human Disease (Boston)

July 24-29: Cellular Systems Biology (Gordon Research Conferences)

Aug 28-Sept 1: 12th International Conference in Systems Biology (Heidelberg)

Update: Thanks to Pam for reminding me about the Computational Cell Biology meeting.

Update 2:  Here’s your April conference at last: Mathematics of Microbes: Biological Details of the Evolving Cell.  Imperial College, London, April 27-29.

Update 3: Just found the information on the Fifth Annual q-Bio Conference on Cellular Information Processing, August 10-13, 2011 in Los Alamos.  I hear the 2010 conference was very good.

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