Senior Scientist, Systems Biology — Boehringer Ingelheim

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Boehringer Ingelheim has an open position for a Senior Scientist in Systems Biology.  It’s posted on the BI website with requisition number RD12910.
Description: We are currently looking for an individual to help lead computational modeling efforts advancing Systems Biology and Pharmacology. This person will have a leading role in the mathematical modeling efforts to further our understanding of the mechanism of action across many therapeutic areas and indications (e.g., Inflammation and Immunology, Cardiometabolic, Oncology), while maintaining strong partnerships with imagining, proteomics, and new biological entities and chemicals in BIPI and with external collaborators. Responsibilities will include co-developing systematic biology experimental biology design, and create experimentally validateable mechanistic mathematical models that correlate highly to disease and healthy state endpoints that are biologically relevant. These efforts will be central to developing a strong foundational core for the future of Systems Biology and Pharmacology.
Additional information below the fold.
Duties and Responsibilities:
* Independently develops SB models and performs simulated experiments with a predefined goal including developing new methodologies, protocols and/or test procedures that contribute to research goals and reflect expert knowledge.
* Demonstrates clear understanding of research or development team goals and works effectively toward achieving them; Has ability to participate as representative on multiple project teams and contribute to defining expertise-related aspects of overall program goals.
* Prepares clear technical reports, publications and oral presentations. Independently communicate results in the form of reports and or presentations; Presents responsibly and defends own work at scientific meetings; May deliver updates to senior level management in context of overall project goals.
* Demonstrates expertise in a specific scientific area or technology; Evaluate and propose new technologies and concepts, including recommending specific capital purchases of instrumentation, hardware and software; Demonstrates independent thinking, e.g., by proposing and implementing new experimental designs and concepts that contribute to research goals and reflect expert knowledge; Identifies potential patentable inventions.
* Keeps abreast of relevant literature and serves as resource in area of specialized expertise; Develops and maintains outside visibility.
* Assumes responsibility for direct reports as needed including recruiting, managing, mentoring and developing scientific staff; May direct and oversee experimental design and results of technicians and junior level scientists.
* Complies with all applicable regulations; Ensures that work performed in area of responsibility is conducted in a safe and compliant manner; Maintains proper records in accordance with SOPs and policies.
* Contributes to departmental administration; Demonstrates fiscal responsibility with respect to cost of experiments, technology, external collaborations, and travel.
* Lives Lead and Learn principles by contributing to a culture of positive teamwork and continuous improvement; takes initiative in a professional manner by engaging the appropriate people in order to promote effective change while enhancing own skills in relevant areas of drug discovery.

* This position requires a PhD in a mathematical modeling and simulation discipline, for example Biophysics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics, with a strong track record of mathematical modeling, analysis, and simulation in cross disciplinary teams with the aforementioned mathematical modeling disciplines and biological sciences, including, but not limited to Cell Biology and Molecular Biology
* Minimum of 1 year post-PhD mathematical modeling and analysis experience, in Systems Biology, Biological Engineering, or equivalent discipline, working in cross disciplinary fields answering drug discovery or cell decision processes questions.
* Candidates will have strong knowledge of mathematical modeling and simulation tools, especially dynamical systems modeling and simulations.
* Candidates will have knowledge of immunology, inflammation, cardiovascular, kidney, or tumor biology (with multiple disciplines a strong plus), signal transduction pathways, genetic pathways, and cellular and molecular biology techniques with a track record of modeling and simulating these types of pathways.
* We are seeking someone who values innovation, is passionate about improving the treatment paradigm of patients and desires the opportunity of playing an integral role in an interdisciplinary team.
* Excellent working knowledge of Matlab.

* Previous Cell Biology wet lab experience.
* Previous dynamical systems modeling, simulation and analysis experience including, but not limited to optimization, control theory.
* Previous mathematical experience outside of dynamical systems modeling, for example, PCA, Bayesian, or Machine Vector Learning, as well as search engine/bioinformatics experience.
* Previous industry experience applying mechanistic PKPD modeling techniques.

Boehringer Ingelheim is firmly committed to ensuring a safe, healthy, productive and efficient work environment for our employees, partners and customers. As part of that commitment, Boehringer Ingelheim conducts pre-employment background investigations and drug screenings. Boehringer Ingelheim is an equal opportunity employer.

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