There’s a (science) app for that

February 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Jagesh Shah suggests that we should have a regular feature called “my favorite iPhone science app”.  His is FluoroSRCH, an app that allows you to search fluorochromes used in imaging, browsing by wavelength, alphabetically or by keyword.  It also makes spectral graphs for you and lets you identify the right Chroma® filters to use with each fluorophore.  (The app is distributed by Chroma Technology Corp.)

What’s yours?  Android apps also welcome.

§ 2 Responses to There’s a (science) app for that

  • immgen says:

    Obviously, we think that the ImmGen iPhone app (iTunes, keyword immgen) is the coolest thing around. OK, you have to have an affinity for immunology…

    [This app allows you to visualize gene expression levels in different immune system cells of the mouse: data from the Immunological Genome Project. Yes, very cool — Becky]

  • Jeremy Purvis says:

    I think there would be significant demand for a ‘primer design’ app. Pick an organism, pick a gene, design the primers, and then order them. All of this could take place during your commute to work.

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