Postdoc position, Institut Curie

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Institut Curie, Paris, Cancer Systems Biology

Postdoctoral Position

Date posted: February 24, 2011

Application deadline: open until filled

A postdoctoral position is open at Institut Curie, Paris as a joint appointment in the “Immunity and cancer” Unit led by Vassili Soumelis and the “Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology of Cancer” Unit led by Emmanuel Barillot. This position is supported by 6-12 months start-up funding, which will have to be followed by application to individual post-doctoral fellowships.


Institut Curie is one of the biggest European institutions for cancer research with strong and old interdisciplinary traditions. It also comprises a hospital specialized in cancer treatment, and therefore dispose of a continuum of expertise from fundamental research to patient care. It is located in the center of Paris in a both cultural and scientific rich environment. The project will be co-developed by the “Immunity and cancer” Unit and “Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology of Cancer” Unit. Those immunology and bioinformatics teams have established a tight and fruitful collaboration, which has been successful over the past few years to improve our understanding of complex inflammatory and immune reactions.


Living systems are open systems that change state and behavior in relation to their environment. Conversely, their state impact the way they respond to given environmental stimuli. Hence, the state of a living system is highly intricated with its environment. In this project, we consider the cell as the system of reference. We use two models to study the reciprocal interaction between cell state and its environment.

1. Tumor development: Tumor cell state and the surrounding microenvironment are evaluated by their transcriptional profiling, combined to multiparametric functional characterization. The successful candidate will use computational biology and modeling methods to describe and explain the complex interactions between tumor cell state and tumor microenvironment in a quantitative and multiparametric manner. It will also be important to study the impact of these biological parameters on tumor outcome and response to therapy.

2. Immune cell behavior: we study dendritic cells of the immune system to address their interaction with environmental stimuli during an immune response. As for project 1, transcriptional profiling is mostly used in order to assess the global state of the cells, and how this state impacts the cell response to individual or combined environmental stimuli.


Ideal candidate would have a PhD in statistics, applied mathematics, bioinformatics or biology and good publication records. Theoretical and applied knowledge in statistical signal processing, estimation theory, random processes theory, model selection theory will be valued. Some knowledge of cancer biology, cell biology and/or immunology is not mandatory but would be appreciated. Excellent communication skills and team spirit as well as a capacity to work in autonomy are essential. Both projects involve a tight interaction between computational and experimental work.


For any questions about this position or to submit an application (a letter of motivation, a CV and two letters of reference), please contact:

Alix Scholer-Dahirel, PhD
Institut Curie
26 rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris, France
Tel: +33 (0)1 56 24 58 05

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