Post-doc positions at Caltech

April 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Lea Goentoro, who is leaving the Kirschner lab shortly to set up her own lab at Caltech, is looking for post-docs to join her new group, starting in June.  Lea is very curious about how a small number of signaling pathways (at most recent count, there are only 20 pathways that function in adult cells, and only 5 in development) have so many varied functions.  She has provided some thoughtful musings on this topic on her new website, so that you can become curious too…  here are some specific questions:
Do cells sense absolute or relative level of signal?
One pathway, many functions.
How to be a part of the whole?

Check out her position listing page for details on what kinds of applicants she’s looking for.  Lea is going to be a wonderful lab head.  You heard it here first.

For a snippet about Lea’s postdoctoral work, check out this post.

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