Be better than ever (and zombie-free), with systems biology

July 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

Tami Lieberman* pointed out this flyer for a plasmid prep kit, from a company that shall remain nameless.

Evidently all you need to do is to slap a “systems biology” label on a product to justify the tag line “better than ever”.

The same flyer also has a picture of a happy systems biologist (presumably), happily doing…. something to do with plasmid preps?

I’m sure that the kit is a perfectly fine kit, by the way, and that it will make you very happy to use it.  If you like that sort of thing.

On a related note, I recently ran across the Institute for Zombie Studies. The Institute for Zombie Studies was, apparently “created by the need to secure the future of humanity; from the single most, non-nuclear, threat to the human race. Infection.”  Further, “IZS’s Biology Departments approach is to use model systems, such as yeast and halobacterium, to apply systems approaches to develop an understanding of central issues in medical science—the functioning of the immune system, for instance”.  This is probably unrelated to the CDC’s attempts to make sure that we’re all prepared for the zombie invasion, when it comes.  (Or is it already here?)

*Update: Tami tells me it was actually Adam Palmer who spotted this.  Credit where credit’s due!

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