Moving day

September 2, 2011 § 4 Comments

I’m always a bit stunned at how disruptive moving day is in Boston.  For those of you who haven’t experienced it, this is the day when hundreds of thousands of students move back into the city: September 1 is the day when almost all apartment leases turn over, and so it’s the day of maximum chaos.  The number of students in Boston is somewhere in the region of 1/3 of the total population, giving you a sense of the level of the chaos.  Of course it’s not uniform across the city: in my neighborhood, which sits between Boston University and Boston College, I think about half the population moves house during the three-day window around September 1.   I’m already bracing for this weekend.  The moving-in parties on the first Saturday of the month have a tendency to be loud.

For various reasons I had to drive all over Boston yesterday, including a rush-hour trip to the airport to put my nephew on a plane back to the UK.  The invasion of the U-Hauls was in full swing, and I spent approximately 3 hours in aggregate sitting in traffic instead of composing blog posts.  (Why, by the way, doesn’t the city send its roadwork crews home on September 1?)  At some point I let go of the frustration and started taking iPhone snaps of passing trucks — only when I was stopped in traffic, I should add; this was not a significant restriction on my photographic activities. Here are a few.

One of the problems with the U-hauls is that they're often lost....

... but the main problem is that there are just so many of them.

Then there are the drop-off storage pods. How do they find room to park them?

Those who didn't plan far enough in advance to get their very own U-haul (a minimum of a month) had to find more creative solutions. Do you have a move-in day story to share?

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