Theory lunch this week

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Synchronization and controllability in biological systems
Jean-Jacques Slotine
Department of Mechanical Engineering &
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT

28 Oct 2011, 12:00-1.30 pm
Warren Alpert 563 – HMS


Issues of synchronization, control, and measurement are pervasive in systems biology and systems neuroscience. We show that dynamic systems analysis tools yield simple but highly non-intuitive predictions about such questions.

1.      Y Y Liu, J J Slotine, L Barabási, “Controllability of complex networks”, Nature 473:167-73 2011. PubMed
2.      N Tabareau, J J Slotine, Q C Pham, “How synchronization protects from noise”, PLoS Comp Biol 6:e1000637 2010. PubMed
3.      J J Slotine, W Lohmiller, “Modularity, evolution and the binding problem: a view from stability theory”, Neural Netw 14:137-45 2001. PubMed

TL schedule here.

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