Tenure-track faculty position, Virginia Commonwealth University

February 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

VCU Life Sciences invites applications for a tenure-track position at the Assistant or Associate Professor level. Applicants should have an outstanding record of systems biology research, as broadly defined from the sub-cellular to the ecosystems level. The successful candidate will be required to develop or continue a productive, externally-funded research program, and direct graduate students. The applicant should be committed to interdisciplinary graduate education and will assume the lead role for the Systems Biology core course for the Integrative Life Sciences (ILS) Doctoral Program.   Additional requirements include: postdoctoral experience; evidence of excellence in scholarship and teaching; and demonstrated experience working in and fostering a diverse faculty, staff, and student environment or commitment to do so as a faculty member at VCU.

At the Assistant Professor level, the faculty member will be required to have an established research agenda and a clear potential for external funding, as appropriate, and potential for scholarship or creative expression to complement and expand existing expertise in the department (see notes below).

At the Associate Professor level, the faculty member will be required to have a well-developed scholarly/research portfolio with evidence of multi-disciplinary applications  and external funding appropriate to complement and expand existing expertise in the department.

Virginia Commonwealth University has an enrollment of 32,000 students, including over 40 graduate students in the ILS program. For application submission guidelines, requirements, and deadlines, please go to www.pubinfo.vcu.edu/facjobs/ and click on Life Sciences to select “Systems Biologist” posting.

Virginia Commonwealth University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Women, minorities and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

More information on VCU

VCU is a rapidly growing R1 university – already the largest University in Virginia. The following Cell and/or Developmental Biology laboratories across campus use Systems Biology approaches, working with VCU Life Sciences and training Life Sciences doctoral students. A sampling of some of these labs include:

Babette Fuss – Myelination and oligodendrocyte development, Dept. Anatomy

Amanda Dickinson – Orofacial development and morphogenesis, Dept. Biology

Andrew Larner – Signaling in the Immune System, Dept. Biochemistry

Jim Lister – Neural crest and pigment cell specification, Dept. Human Genetics

John Ryan – Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Dept. Biology

Rita Shiang – Craniofacial development, Dept. Human Genetics

Rob Tombes – Calcium signaling in early development, Dept Biology

Zendra Zehner – Gene expression during growth and development, Dept. Biochemistry

Gregory Walsh – Neuronal development and migration, Dept. Biology

The Life Sciences Building is home to the Biology department and to core facilities for molecular biology and bioinformatics, to the interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Biological Complexity, and to aquatics facilities for Xenopus laevis and a recently completed zebrafish aquatics research facility that will house up to 16,000 adult zebrafish. The biology department website is currently being redesigned and does not reflect all of these facilities (or faculty).

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