Two post-doctoral positions, UC Santa Barbara

February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

We are seeking outstanding postdoctoral candidates to join the group on “Morphogenesis and Self-organization of Living Matter” at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Our group combines theoretical and experimental approaches to study the formation of patterns and shapes in biological systems, at both cellular and embryonic (tissue) levels. We are interested in the collective behavior of cells within tissues, the physical and material properties of embryonic tissues, and the interplay between physics and genetics that translates genetic information into 3-dimensional structures. We are also interested in how cells establish and maintain their shapes, as well as other topics relevant to morphogenesis. These positions are a very good opportunity for motivated and creative individuals to participate in a highly interdisciplinary and innovative line of research. For more information about both our research and these positions, please visit our group website at

Theoretical and experimental physicists (preferentially with experience in biological and/or soft-matter physics), engineers and materials scientists with experience in biology, and biologists interested in quantitative approaches are strongly encouraged to apply. Outstanding applicants in other fields (applied mathematics, computer science, chemistry, etc.) may also be considered. Experience in Zebrafish and/or chicken development or fission yeast will be considered positively for candidates with experimental backgrounds.

The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) provides an exceptional, interdisciplinary and collaborative environment for scientists interested in the physics of biological systems, quantitative biology and systems biology. UCSB is well known for the high level of its research in science and engineering, as well as the natural beauty of its campus and landscapes. Researchers at UCSB enjoy constant visits from world-leading scientists and workshops on varied topics throughout the year at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics. Moreover, researchers benefit from the Marine Biological Laboratory on campus and, starting in 2013, a new summer school on quantitative biology.

Applicants should email a CV and a description of research interests to Applications will be considered until the positions are filled. Successful applicants may start as early as July 1, 2012, but the start date is flexible.


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