Theory Lunch returns!

February 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yes, it’s that happy time of year. The cycle of the seasons has turned the corner and the days are getting longer again. To add to your feeling of light and happiness, TL is back. Join us this week for:

Controlling Networks
Albert-László Barabási
Center for Complex Network Research
Northeastern University

TODAY, 10 Feb 2012, 12:00-2.00pm
Warren Alpert 563 – HMS

The ultimate proof of our understanding of biological or technological systems is reflected in our ability to control them. While control theory offers mathematical tools to steer engineered and natural systems towards a desired state, we lack a framework to control complex self-organized systems. Here we develop analytical tools to study the controllability of an arbitrary complex directed network, identifying the set of driver nodes whose time-dependent control can guide the system’s entire dynamics. We apply these tools to several real networks, finding that the number of driver nodes is determined mainly by the network’s degree distribution. We show that sparse inhomogeneous networks, which emerge in many real complex systems, are the most difficult to control, but dense and homogeneous networks can be controlled via a few driver nodes. Counterintuitively, we find that in both model and real systems the driver nodes tend to avoid the hubs.

In collaboration with Y Liu and JJ Slotine.


Y Y Liu, J J Slotine, L Barabási, “Controllability of complex networks”, Nature 473:167-73 2011. PubMed

TL schedule here.

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