Bad blog craziness…

March 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

We’ve been having a few technical issues today, so I wanted to apologize to anyone who’s noticed.  A script that was running a backup on the images used on the blog went haywire and started re-categorizing all the comments as spam.  Then it corrupted some of the images.  So then we had to restore the whole site from backup, which led to a brief period when the appearance changed considerably because the WordPress theme was wrong.  And then we discovered that the version restored from backup was missing some of the links to the images (though the images still exist), and also some of the category assignments.  Not that the categories are all that useful anyway.

So — apologies if you happened to look in while all this chaos was going on.  Much but not all of it is fixed now; if you spot remaining problems, please let me know (becky AT  Special apologies to comment subscribers, who may have seen a flurry of “there’s been a new comment” e-mails as we tried to restore them.

We love computers.  Really. And they love us.

UPDATE: Oops.  Many of the older posts seem not to have come back.  I guess the fix is going to take longer than I’d hoped.

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