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Join us on the 13th and 14th of September for a Symposium on the Physics of Living Matter at University College London!

This meeting will be the 7th in the PLM series, which began in 2006, and the 2nd in the Physical Cell series, which began in 2010.

This symposium began as an initiative aimed at developing a community ofinterdisciplinary research groups interested in quantitative systems biology grounded in the physical sciences. By moving the venue to London, we aim to attract an even wider pool of international researchers this year.

Because the field is new, we are seeking new participants and have tried to keep costs low to attract a young audience, which we believe is critical for community building.

The Symposium this year will has the sub-themes: dynamic cell organization, emergent properties of cellular assemblies and information processing at a molecular and cellular level. You will see from the programmethat we have assembled a great set of international speakers who will cover the ground between molecular, cell and developmental biology within the context of quantitative approaches borrowed from or inspired by the physical sciences.
To find out more and to register please see these links:

Twitter account: @PhysCell

Space is limited but we hope to see you there!

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