What were they THINKING?

June 22, 2012 § 4 Comments

Here’s a video the European Commission, um, commissioned to encourage girls to become scientists:

Science, apparently, is about makeup.  Wearing it.

I thought it was a joke at first, but no: here is the official EU website.  Science.  It’s a girl thing.

What comes next after “Epic Fail”?  If you would like to express your feelings about the campaign, please e-mail the bozos in charge of it: rtd-wiri@ec.europa.eu


They pulled the video at about 4.30 today.  GOOOD call.  Apparently this is not the only video the EU has had to pull lately.

You can still see it (if you really want to) here.

A few reactions:

Kind of like putting a croissant next to a circuit board in an attempt to get more French people into electrical engineering” — Jezebel

Seems like the beginning of a porn movie” — Wall Street Journal

Kitschy” — Washington Post

Mildly appalling” — The Next Web

Insert facepalm here” — Scientific American

How the EU spends taxpayer money” — Forbes

Is it sexist?” — HuffPo (yes, they are seriously asking the question).

Soulcrushingly misdirected” — SciencePunk

A for effort, D for execution” — Business Insider

Probably sounded like a good idea late at night in a Brussels basement” — New Scientist

Pink, sparkly, makeup-related science” — New Statesman

No scientific content whatsoever” — The Telegraph

Who put this lipstick in my science?” — Wired

Not a good thing” — MSNBC

Apparently serious” — Hollywood Gossip

Patronizing drivel” – In The Dark

Words cannot describe my anger” — PygmyLoris

Ahhh… ffftttt.. wha?” Token Skeptic

and of course, lots and lots of tweets.

Summing up the problem, from James Monk:

§ 4 Responses to What were they THINKING?

  • abc says:

    embarrassing, humiliating, and so, so sad. I don’t think that girls getting into science is the problem. The problem comes after that, when they find out it is a guy’s world.

  • Quant says:

    Well I think it’s apparent from this video what our Commission thinks the female scientists do/should do/will do? 😉

  • Steve. says:

    I think that that’s quite good actually. Out of curiosity, apart from the tag line which was a bit cringey, how does it differ from an average episode of CSI?

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