Theoretical and computational biophysics position, NASA

September 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

This position is for a research physicist in Langley’s Radiation Physics Group in the Durability, Damage Tolerance and Reliability Branch of the Research Directorate. The work involves performing theoretical and computational research into the basic properties, behavior, and mechanisms by which various types of materials, including biological and electronic materials, react.Expertise is highly desirable in the area of space radiation analysis. Expertise is sought in theoretical and computational biophysics as it relates to space radiation effects on humans. Additional expertise in theoretical nuclear physics and radiation transport would be a significant advantage. Possess knowledge of development and validation of theoretical and computational models of biological systems. Experience with effects of high LET radiation on humans is particularly desired. A thorough understanding of space radiation environments, particle transport mechanisms, track structure models, and the harmful effects of ionizing radiation on humans is also highly desirable. Must possess a strong record of externally refereed journal publications.To receive consideration, you must submit a resume and answer NASA-specific questions.  Deadline Sept 17.  More instructions here. US Citizens only.

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