Departmental Fellowships redux

October 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

The deadline for the Departmental Fellow positions I wrote about a few months ago is long past, but if you’re interested in the position we’d still like to hear from you. Here’s the description of the role:

Systems Biology Departmental Fellowships are intended for outstanding recent PhDs with a primary training in the theoretical sciences (theoretical physics, mathematics, engineering, computer sciences and related disciplines). Prior experimental experience is optional; the decision to award a Fellowship will primarily be based on the potential for the Fellow to bring theoretical approaches to bear on biological questions. Candidates should be interested in being embedded in an experimental environment to advance their theoretical work, or to use some of their post-doctoral time to train in experimental biology, or both.

Fellows will join the Department of Systems Biology and make their initial home in a pre-agreed host lab. They will also select a theory mentor who may be external to the department. Fellows are encouraged to interact with multiple labs through conversations or collaborative projects.

If you think you’re a fit, feel free to e-mail me with a CV and a letter explaining how you would use the opportunity to explore biology: becky {at} hms {dot} harvard {dot} edu.

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