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June 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

Now get the T-shirt.  A lot of people reading this blog are members of what I’m calling the Systems Biology Diaspora, people who were in the Department as graduate students or post-docs and are now elsewhere, but remain — whether they like it or not — spiritually part of the Department.  Maybe you’re in a lab run by a Diasporite. Whoever you are, we have some extra T-shirts from the Department retreat this year, and if you’d like to write in and ask for one, you can have one.  Please e-mail Angela Reese and tell her what size you want.  We have medium, large and XL available; offer valid until we run out.  Please put “T-shirt” in the subject line of your e-mail.

The design shows the main model organisms used in the Department, in a complex network of interconnected feedback loops.  The image was created by our good friend Brian Knep.  (Yes, OK, it’s cheating to have a professional artist design our T-shirt.  We agree.  It’s still a nice T-shirt.)

The person imitating a headless horseman behind the T-shirt on the left is Kathy Buhl from Lab Ops, in case you’re curious.

Wear it with pride!

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